It's dark. How long has it been dark?
Monsters prowl everywhere, supplies are scarce. Decide your tasks, carry them out, find more survivors to help, fight back the creatures that emerge from the Night. You must survive, because surely Dawn Will Come.

Content warning: Death, low-res gore, body horror, animal harm, stalking; screen flashing in combat scenes.

How to Play

Each day, assign a task for each person (Rest, Guard, or Search). Their current task is indicated by the icon in the bottom left of their screen. Once you've decided what everyone will do, select Do Tasks by the campfire to carry them out.

  • Resting will recover some health, but unguarded sleepers may be attacked in the night.
  • Guarding will protect your sleepers and supplies, but your guards may have to fight.
  • Searching will potentially get you useful supplies and new friends, but searchers may take damage from prowling monsters.

You can also select Move by the campfire to change locations. Explore different locations to find new people for your party. If you Move, you will consume more food that day, will not rest, and your assigned guards will have to fight off monsters.

The game auto-saves every night. Do not turn off your Game Boy or emulator while the screen is black.

Web emulator controls:
D-pad: Arrow keys, WASD
A: Z, J
B: X, K

GBCompo21 entry by:
Art, Writing, Design: H0lyhandgrenade (Ko-Fi | Twitter)
Programming, Art: eishiya (Ko-Fi | Mastodon)
Music: C_DOS_KEZ (Patreon | Bandcamp)

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Authorseishiya, H0lyhandgrenade
Made withGB Studio
TagsDark, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Pixel Art, Queer, Survival Horror
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
LinksSource code


Download 2 MB

Install instructions

This is a Game Boy rom and not a stand-alone executable. You will need an emulator such as BGB or VBA to play it, or you can put it on a flashcart to play on a real Game Boy.

Development log


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any chance of a .pocket file to play this ? 

It's not something I'm likely to get to any time soon.

However! You can try building it yourself, as the source code and all assets are available. It is a GBS 2.0 project so it won't work in GBS 3.0 for easy Pocket export, but you could try to put it into the version of GBS 2.0 modified to export to Pocket instead of GB, and that will hopefully work.

I think is the best horror game ive ever played! Will you do a physic edition? Id love to buy it for colleccionism


Oh wow, thank you!

We have no plans for a physical version, sorry ): We're not against a physical version, but none of us has connections or the resources to make it actually happen.

Deleted 120 days ago

The project files are linked as "Source code" under "More information".

Awesome! So atmospheric and mystery. I like it so much. :D


I’ll agree about critiques regarding the UI. Takes a little bit of getting used to. But once you figure it out, it’s really straightforward. That being said, I’ve never played a more immersive game on any retro console in my life. Artwork is mind blowing, music and sound subtly adds to the experience without overwhelming it. Lot’s of lore to unlock and discover. It’s just good storytelling. I was very drawn in. 

By far one of the most amazing Game Boy games here. Expecially the pixelart, it really captivated me. 

Just the interface to assign the task is a bit confusing, but everything else is great. 

It has an ending? I'm playing for some time now hahaha


Thanks! The task UI is definitely pretty confusing, but we did our best with the limitations we had and the feeling we wanted to convey.

Yep, there is an ending! The ending varies (a little) based on how you play.

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Can you give me a hint? I really wanna see the ending, but I spent most of the day playing, defeated the Stalker, put 3 of the characters at max level and still nothing happened haha

I have to do something or is just about surviving until dawn? 

Hint: Dawn Will Come :]

I kept on hitting the stalker (pressed Z after battle ended) and now when i move it glitches.

Is this purposeful?

Nope, looks like you ran into a bug! I thought I added protections against invalid inputs like that, but it's possible I missed some of the battles. Restarting the game and reloading your save should get the game back to normal, though you may need to redo the fight, depending on where exactly it glitched.

dude please make .zipo vbersion i lik this game

What do you mean by a ".zipo version"? If you mean a stand-alone version that has an emulator built in, I don't think we'll do that, as I'm not familiar enough with pack-in emulators, how well they work, what the controls are like, etc.

If you want to play this game offline, please download a GB emulator of your choice (on Windows, I recommend BGB) and use that with the downloadable .gb ROM file. It'll play way better than it does in a browser, and you can pick an emulator you like rather than being restricted to whatever I'd pack in, and be able to customize your experience as you like :]

i cant open the gb file can you show ma tutorial

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Download an emulator, and use the emulator's File > Open... to select the GB file. There are many emulators out there, pick one. Since it sounds like you need something very simple, try Visual Boy Advance 1.8.


Really impressed with the atmosphere!

Any thoughts on doing a .pocket compile for the new analogue system? lots of folks with a new 'gameboy' now that are chomping at the bit to try some homebrew on the go.



I don't know when it'll be as I've not been doing any GB dev since the GBcompo ended, but when I do get GBS 3.0, exporting a .pocket version of this game will probably be the first thing I do :D

I'm surprised the Pocket doesn't let you play GB roms even though it lets you play GB carts. I guess it's to discourage piracy?


Yes, Pocket is not able to run GB games from SD to avoid piracy.

Migrating a project from GB Studio 2.0 to 3.0 can be a lot of works because it generally break a lot of stuff.

I created a fork a GB Studio 2 that export natively game in pocket file.

So it should be easy to port your game without the pain of migrating to GB Studio 3.0 :)

If you have any issue with it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Oh, thanks for the heads up! I'll look into this when I have time :D

I already really love this! The sound design is really effective, the atmosphere is awesome, and the gameplay feels simple to grasp but complicated to get right. I keep having a hard time having enough food while keeping health high, but it doesn't feel unfair, just challenging. Great job!

Thanks so much, really glad to hear you've enjoyed it ^^


Woah you guys made a game!? I'll have to give this a shot!

it would be nice if there's a choice to remember last action instead of default to rest every night


The way the UI is set up doesn't leave room for a toggleable option like this.

We considered making tasks always be remembered (or to only reset to Rest at low enough HP), but that changes the feel of setting tasks in a way we don't like in a number of ways. We opted for this minor inconvenience in order to keep the game playing the way it should.


I am really enjoying the atmosphere of this game, I will definitely play this on my Game Boy for a while and then give you some feedback. Awesome job!


Thanks a lot, all feedback's appreciated ^^ I hope you'll enjoy it!